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Journal of Financial Economics 65, — The incomplete revelation hypothesis: implications for financial reporting. Accounting Horizons 16, — Contemporary Accounting Research 20, 1— Underreactions, overreactions and moderated confidence. Journal of Financial Markets 3, — Coval, J. The geography of investment: informed trading and asset prices.

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Does the stock market overreact? Journal of Finance 40, — DeLong, J. Noise trader risk in financial markets. Journal of Political Economy 98, — Fama, E.

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Efficient capital markets: a review of theory and empirical work. Journal of Finance 25, — Market efficiency, long-term returns, and behavioral finance.

The Impact Of Behavioral Finance On Stock Markets

Frazzini, A. The disposition effect and underreaction to news. Journal of Finance 61, — Gertner, R. Quarterly Journal of Economics , — Gervais, S.

Behavioral Finance Part 1

Learning to be overconfident. Review of Financial Studies 14, 1— Griffin, D. The weighing of evidence and the determinants of confidence. Cognitive Psychology 24, — Hirst, D. Journal of Accounting Research 36 Supplement , 47— Huberman, G.

Volume : III, Issue : VI, June - 2013

Familiarity breeds investment. Review of Financial Studies 14, — Kahneman, D. Prospect theory: an analysis of decision under risk. Econometrica 47, — Kandel, E. Differential interpretation of public signals and trade in speculative markets.

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Kuhn, T. The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Google Scholar. Kyle, A. Speculation duopoly with agreement to disagree: can overconfidence survive the market test? Journal of Finance 52, — Lee, C. Price momentum and trading volume. Journal of Finance 55, — Maines, L. Accounting Review 75, — Malmendier, U. CEO overconfidence and corporate investment.

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Journal of Finance 60, Mehra, R. The equity premium: a puzzle. Journal of Monetary Economics 15, — This year, the meeting would focus on the way individuals, financial practitioners e.

Behavioural Finance and Accounting (BFA)

Submissions examining these topics, as well as the ethicality of the financial markets, financial regulation and governance, will be particularly welcome. As usual, we will consider papers in all areas of common concern to those working in behavioural finance and related areas. These include processes underlying the financial judgments and decisions involved in investing, trading, forecasting, risk assessment, asset valuations, acquisitions, IPOs, asset pricing bubbles, financial crises, and other financial behaviours.

We seek contributions relating to these issues at the level of markets and institutions of various types, households, corporations, boards and other financially active groups, individual and institutional investors and traders. Special Issue: Accepted papers will be considered for a special issue of the Review of Behavioural Finance which will publish a selection of research presented at the conference. Further information about the submission process will be shared during the conference and emailed to the participants. Best Paper Awards: Two best paper awards will be given for the papers presented at the conference.

Deadline: We invite you to submit extended abstracts, papers-in-progress or full papers by the deadline of Friday 10th January , Any issues with submitting your paper, please email a PDF version of the manuscript to: bfwg qmul.

Extended abstracts, papers-in-progress or full papers will be considered for the conference program with the understanding that they will be finished by the time of the conference. Conference programme [. Professor Bailey's interests include international finance, international securities markets, and investments. He has a special interest in emerging capital markets, particularly in Asia. He has published widely in all top finance journals. Monday 21 June Seminar title - How do we reverse the current economic malaise?

Speaker - Professor Werner F.

Applying Behavioural Finance by Analysing Investor Behaviour In Lucknow City

Biography: Werner F. De Bondt is director of the Richard H. He is also the Driehaus Professor of Behavioral Finance. De Bondt is an economist who studies the psychology of financial decision-making. He is one of the founders of behavioral finance.. His work on stock market overreaction and the speculative dynamics of world financial markets has received a great deal of attention.

Werner De Bondt is a frequent speaker to academics and investment professionals around the world. He holds a Ph. In past years, he was a member of the faculty at various universities in Europe, e. The world is out of kilter.